People around the world look to artists, art galleries, and art institutions for innovative ideas. It is our responsibility to take a leadership role in the global warming crisis. We call upon all our friends in the art world – both artists and art galleries – to start to offset their carbon emissions now.

All of us can start to reduce and offset our carbon emissions “RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.” We can no longer wait for governmental action that may never come.

Peter Halley Studio is now offsetting the 132 metric tons of carbon we produce each year by purchasing carbon credits monthly though a Gold Standard Foundation climate action project (

We are offsetting the studio’s heating, electricity, materials, as well as airplane and automobile travel.

Through Gold Standard, Peter Halley Studio is making a monthly contribution to the 100 MW wind power plant being built by Orange Renewable in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India (

The cost of carbon offsetting through Gold Standard is reasonable – between $10 and $18 USD per metric ton of CO2. As you can see, the cost of offsetting the 132 tons of CO2 we produce yearly is less than $1,500/year – or about $125 a month!

Gold Standard is a non-governmental emissions reductions organization based in Geneva. Developed in 2003 by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Gold Standard has certified and supported hundreds of community-based green energy projects 

You can calculate your carbon footprint yourself. Visit these free online resources:

If you would like more information about how to offset your carbon emissions, please write to us at:

Please join me in this effort to make the art world a carbon-neutral industry. I am calling on all artists, art galleries, and museums to start to offset the carbon produced by air travel, shipping, materials, electric use, and heating today!

Peter Halley